Peculiarities of Android development

Peculiarities of Android development

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In the process of developing applications for android there are a number of features:

1. Unlike iOS, the applications for Android are the interconnection of separate, logically isolated elements, as mentioned above. That is, you can not just go and import the application into another operating system, rewriting the code from one programming language to another. That is, when creating applications for android, it is necessary to lay down a completely different architecture.

Another approach is observed in other aspects.

For example, a modern icon can have a different shape depending on the settings of the operating system. The designer should take this into account and make sure that the logo looks great and harmonious in all variants.

The app icon can have different shapes on different users’ gadgets.
But it should always remain beautiful.
2. When developing mobile apps for android, it is important to rely on Material Design. This is a whole philosophy of creating a user interface. The official documentation of this approach includes hundreds of documents detailing both its principles and specific examples of correct and incorrect use of the rules for each element of the interface.

A button that protrudes over an active area should only be one (of the same color). You can’t use more than one protruding button in more than one color.
Button, navigation bar, icon and all other elements must follow these rules if you want to design a beautiful interface and get an offer from Google to promote your application on Google Play.

You can’t use vertical text and icon alignment on buttons. Neither can you use more than one icon on one button.
3. The recommended programming language by Google, when creating applications for android, is currently Kotlin, not Java. The difference between them is much less than between Objective-C and Swift for iOS, but still a bit different approaches to development.

4. testing on a large fleet of physical devices (not emulators) at the same time is extremely important when creating android apps. Even it, due to the huge number of phones on the market, does not ensure problem-free functioning on all available models, but at least reduces the likelihood of problems on the most popular devices.

Google Play app publishing policy.

Once the process of creating an android mobile app is complete, it’s time to publish it. Before being published to the Google Play app store, builds go through much less scrutiny in terms of complying with interface construction, theme selection, and requesting personal user data.

Even though Google has recently changed its approach to app review, making it more thorough and more manual, the average app review time is 2-4 hours. This is significantly faster than 2-3 days for the App Store.

The general scheme of the app review process: algorithms do it first, giving the assembly a certain score, then a live person makes the decision, taking into account its value and other factors
In the past, many people used this for the purpose of promoting created android apps. Android Market, the previous version of Google Play, had a «New apps» tab that displayed updates in their chronological order. Thus, the more often you updated the app, the more downloads you received. Each update in the US yielded 1-3 thousand downloads, and you could get good results in a month if the app was really useful (if the ratings were bad, you got few downloads).

Now the promotion of applications has become much more difficult, but first of all, you need to create a great product, including in terms of the requirements of the Material Design concept. You may not comply with them, but such an application will be promoted on Google Play by Google itself in exceptional cases.

Conclusions. The creation of mobile apps for Android has the following specifics:

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. As a consequence, the diversification of devices controlled by it is huge. In the process of creating an app, you need to make sure that the app supports the vast majority of the target audience’s gadgets.

Order the development of a mobile app for Android
Before ordering the creation of android applications, you must be prepared for the fact that the development of mobile applications for android is not an easy matter.

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